Personal data processing policy

Personal data processing policy

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Personal data processing policy

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1. 1. Website - a set of graphic and informational materials, as well as computer programs and databases that ensure their availability on the Internet at the network address

1. 2. Mobile application - software (a kind of application software) specially designed for a specific platform and designed to work on smartphones, tablets and other mobile (portable, portable, handheld) devices.

1. 3. Terminal – a technical end device (display station, display, display-console) used for the interaction of the User (or operator) with a computer or computer system (local or cloud technology). In this Policy, the end product is a technical device for checking in guests - ApeironSpace.

1. 4. Services - a set of the Operator's services provided through the Operator's software, third-party software, website -, ApeironSpace mobile application, ApeironSpace terminals.

1. 5. Personal data - any information relating directly or indirectly to a specific or identifiable User of the website and the ApeironSpace mobile application hosted on the AppStore and Google Play Market Platforms.

1. 6. Processing of personal data - any action (operation) or a set of actions (operations) performed with or without the use of automation tools with personal data, including collection, recording, systematization, accumulation, storage, clarification (updating, changing), extraction, use, transfer (distribution, provision, access), depersonalization, blocking, deletion, destruction of personal data.

1. 7. Confidentiality of personal data is a mandatory requirement for a responsible person who has gained access to personal data not to allow their distribution without the consent of the subject or other legal grounds.

1. 8. Dissemination of personal data - any actions aimed at disclosing personal data to an indefinite circle of persons (transfer of personal data) or familiarizing with personal data of an unlimited number of persons, including the disclosure of personal data in the media, placement in information and telecommunication networks or providing access to personal data in any other way.

1. 9. Use of personal data - actions (operations) with personal data performed for the purpose of making decisions or other actions (including advertising purposes) that give rise to legal consequences in relation to the subjects of personal data or otherwise affect their rights and freedoms or the rights and freedoms of others persons.

1. 10. Blocking of personal data is a temporary suspension of the processing of personal data (unless the processing is necessary to clarify personal data).

1. 11. Operator - a state body, municipal body, legal entity or individual, independently or jointly with other persons organizing and (or) carrying out the processing of personal data, as well as determining the purposes of processing personal data, the composition of personal data to be processed, the actions (operations) performed with personal data. Within the framework of this Policy regarding the processing of personal data, the legal entity APEIRON SPACE AG is recognized as the Operator.

1. 12. User (subject of personal data) - an individual (visitor, consumer of services) who has visited the site, using the ApeironSpace mobile application and other technical devices associated with APEIRON SPACE AG.

1. 13. Information system of personal data - a set of personal data contained in databases, and information technologies and technical means that ensure their processing.

1. 14. Depersonalization of personal data - actions as a result of which it is impossible to determine, without the use of additional information, the ownership of personal data by a specific User or other subject of personal data.

1. 15. Providing personal data - actions aimed at disclosing personal data to a certain person or a certain circle of persons.

1. 16. Cross-border transfer of personal data is the transfer of personal data to the territory of a foreign state to an authority of a foreign state, a foreign individual or a foreign legal entity.

1. 17. Destruction of personal data - any actions as a result of which personal data is irretrievably destroyed with the impossibility of further restoration of the content of personal data in the information system of personal data and (or) material carriers of personal data are destroyed.



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